I thought I’d do a follow-up on my previous post about sending emails, after reading someone’s comment on #LinkedIn…

Recently, I received an email from #Apple, asking me to complete a transaction that I obviously never initiated on my #iPad; I was instructed to provide my Bank details. Last week, I received an electronic Invoice via email, with instructions to quickly effect payment so that one of my #website #hosting #packages will be renewed. Coincidentally, one of my website hosting packages should expire this month but from the appearance and tone of the email, I figured there was #somethingfishy.

What I do when such emails majestically stroll into my mail box is to double-tap the sender’s name (e.g. Apple) and voila! The sender’s email address will be revealed. If you plan to implement this strategy (if you’re not already), be prepared to start seeing email addresses like ‘#risky@yahoo.com’ sending you emails in the name of Apple! (your case may be different, though).

Like #humans, #Apps and #Devices behave differently. So if you’re experiencing difficulties revealing a sender’s email address, jejely consult me for free support.

Have you ever received scam emails? What did you do?

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