I used to be guilty of saving so many copies of the same file with random names, that identifying the most recent copy was a lot of palaver. That’s when you’ll see the original definition of diligence manifested through a young lady opening and closing numerous files or manually tracking date, time and other differences.

Anyway, that’s history.

Over time, I decided to start saving time for myself and my team members proactively channeling the aforementioned diligence towards organising my files folders, subfolders and names. I guess the folder and subfolder points are self-explanatory, so I’ll just go over my typical process flow for file naming.

Note that I put ‘draft’, ‘v1’ and ‘v2’ before file names, in preparation for long names like: “Shokolokobangoshe Ebubedike Lorem Osoriasoria Ipsum Orishirishi Ebaialeresan Ezego Aigbokhaevbo Ovbiedokpataki”… Imagine subjecting ‘draft’ to the end of that seemingly bottomless name. Hmmm… Let’s just say I prefer to see the fruits of my labour at first glance! 😂

So here goes…

1. First attempt at working on a file (draft Attempt)
2. Second Attempt ” ” ” ” ” (v1 Attempt)
3. Third Attempt (v2 Attempt)

This flow is sustained while the file is shared back and forth with applicable team members, until everyone agrees on a final draft, which It a then saved as “Final Attempt” or simply “Attempt”. Other rules apply for finally saved files that are revisited after some time but not to bore you, perhaps create your own convenient set of rules?

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