What to do after meeting with a Client or Colleague

Say you just met with a Client and during the meeting, y’all agreed on some new action points.

If the transaction is not yet at that stage where a legally-binding Contract should be executed, what you can do immediately after the meeting is to send a message detailing every new point, and make sure to nicely request for confirmation from the Client.

You may send a simple message via SMS, WhatsApp, Social Media Messaging, etc. But emails are highly recommended, especially because besides the decision maker, you can officially include other applicable stakeholders using the “CC” (Copy) and “BCC” (Blind Copy) options. There are other interesting reasons to communicate with Clients via email, but I’ll touch on those in another article.

Remember to obtain confirmation as previously advised, because this will serve as a reference point if you or they unknowingly misinterpret some points due to the busyness of life.

This principle may also be applied Clients or between colleagues and typically, confirmation should be done via the same medium of initial communication (e.g SMS, WhatsApp, Social Media Messaging, etc.).

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