Here’s the reason why I’m addicted to perfection

That’s my Fada! And Mama Mia!! 😍😍

@frankohikhuare as you nor leave space for some of us to write na, a lady had to do what she had to do. Lol 😂

Anyway, you have said it all. The reason why everything we touch reeks of remarkable perfection! For all those asking, now you know 😍😉

All hail the Maco-Ohikhuare dynasty! 👑

Regrann from @frankohikhuare – Chief (Barrister) Macaulay Maco Ohikhuare (SUPOL, ACP Rtd). This is my father.
This is the reason why the rest of the world enjoys the privilege of being blessed my existence. He is no ordinary man.

This is the strongest man I know, the most influential, the most handsome, most intelligent, most fearless, the boldest, most courageous, most daring, most innovative, most dexterous, most creative most committed to a cause, the most ingenious, the winner of the most workaholic, the culprit for my #restlessness #gene-he & my mother, the most fashionable, the most classy, the most protective, best spoken, most authoritative, most deliberate, most consistent, most financially intelligent, most investment savvy, with most foresight.

His gut, grit, tenacity, Audacity, energy, passion, morality, sense of justice, precision, drive for excellence and perfection, ability to rise above obscurity, ability to stay relevant are daunting.

He is a first class gentleman: I learned from him that being the best is the result of self perception, growth, self confidence and doing/taking on crisis that no one else has the heart or gut for. His words do not fall to the ground. He is the only man I know that never made a threat if he was not going to follow through. He has the stuff that gods are made of. The lion that roars & wolves squeal.

Thank you for being my inspiration for Music, Business, Financial intelligence, Justice, Intelligence, Excellence, Hardwork, Gut & Grit. For everything good you are, I am lifted to raise the bar 1000 times, exponentially. I love you and no matter what they say or do, No man alive can ever be your equal or compare.

I have looked in your eyes and seen a warrior, a legend & hero. No 100% human born of a woman can stand on the same grounds with you.
All of them dey learn.


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